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I cannot count how many of my customers rave about your service! All of them love how you take into account what they like and dislike and then guide them to what they really love. Our Greenwich customers tell all of their friends about you.

Anyone who finds color as important as we do here at CertaPro, will benefit greatly from Christine's insight and guidance to choose the right colors, and even more importantly color combinations for their individual situation. There is a lot to know; north elevation vs southern elevation, when does the sun shine through the windows, what colors enhance furniture and what colors mute the furniture. Christine is an absolute expert.

Thanks for giving us the real edge in our industry Christine!

David Chillemi
VP of Commercial Services
CertaPro Painters of Westchester, Stamford and Greenwich


You were a pleasure to work with. Your creativity and enthusiasm are so refreshing. You always keep in mind what will be the best decision with beautiful results within price range.

I look forward to our next project!


August 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLori Corrado

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